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Q: How do I bond someone out of jail?
There are 2 methods to post a bond:

Cash bond: The total face amount of the bond, in cash or cashiers check, is placed with Highlands County to guarantee the arrestee will appear in court for their hearing. Should the defendant fail to appear, the bond money is forfeited. In the case of a not guilty verdict be rendered or the case be dismissed, or at the conclusion of trial proceedings, bond money will be refunded. If a judge so orders, any court costs or court fines will be taken out of the posted bond. Once the case is disposed of, the remaining funds will be refunded. Refunds on cash bonds are processed at the Highlands County Clerk of Courts Office in the Highlands City Court House. NOTE: Cash or a cashiers check are the only accepted methods of payment for cash bonds.

Surety bond: (bail Bondsman) A bail bonding agency posts a bond that guarantees an arrestee will appear at their court date. Neither Highlands County nor the Sheriffs Office participates in the contract between a defendant / arrestee and the bonding company. The bail bonding company charges a fee for each bond posted of 10%.


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When visiting or calling an Immigration Bonding Agency for an immigration bond, be sure to bring or have the following information about the alien, we can assist you in getting most of this information like bond amount, court and location.

bail bond forms.

Immigration Bail Bond Forms

Submit online INS bond worksheet

Please have the below information when calling our office. If you do not know all the information we can help you call 1-800-224-5937.

  • Alien's Full Name
  • Alien Registration Number
  • Name of the facility where the alien is being held
  • Alien's home address
  • Alien's date of birth
  • Alien's country of birth
  • Bond Amount
  • Name of the person posting the bond
  • Valid address for the person posting the bond
  • Valid Social Security Number for the person co-signing & requesting the bond posting.
  • Valid phone number for the person/s posting the bond
  • Acceptable forms of identification for co-signer/s.
    • Permanent Resident Card - Green Card.
    • Passport with appropriate stamps
    • Valid State driver's license.
    • State identification with proof of immigration status.

         Two main Types of immigration Bonds are:

  • Delivery Bond
    An alien that is arrested by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and issued a Warrant of Arrest (Form I-205) and a Notice of Custody Conditions (Form I-286) may be eligible for a delivery bond. The amount of a delivery bond should be sufficient to ensure that the alien will appear for any future immigration proceedings.
  • Voluntary Departure Bond
    An alien who is allowed to depart the country voluntarily after being placed in removal proceedings status (or in lieu of such proceedings) has been granted Voluntary Departure. The Immigration Judge may, and in nearly all cases will require that the detainee post a bond in an amount that will ensure that the alien departs the United States within the time specified.

Immigration bonds in Florida.
U.S. Citizenship

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About Immigration Bonds

  • How Quickly Will The Detainee Be Released?

Keep in mind that most U.S. Immigration and Naturalization offices also known as ICE for Immigration and Customs, are open only Monday through Friday during regular business hours and there are a number of steps that are required to be completed before an INS bond can be posted and the detainee released from custody. Our expertise in handling INS bonds can greatly speed up this process. There's no one faster than us! Call one of our bond agents today for more information on how we can help you.

An Immigration bond is not that different from a regular bail bond in concept, but then again it is very much different because an immigration not only guarantees the appearance of the detainee but also his or her performance. What do we mean by "Performance". In the INS bonding world performance means many things but primarily one thing, I.E; that the detainee does not become a ward of the state, want to know more please read on. About Immigration bonds

Do I need an immigration lawyer to post a bond?

Answer: No. You do not need an immigration lawyer to post an INS bond. We can help you with that. However, because Immigration Laws do change from time to time the immigration laws of the United States can have a major impact upon families, individuals, investors and business owners. In the aftermath of the attacks of September 11th, the Immigration and Naturalization Service Department (INS) became the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), control was taken over by the Department of Homeland Security, adding another layer to an already complex regulatory and procedural scheme.

Dealing with immigration matters, without assistance, can be very confusing. The law and regulations are constantly changing, and mistakes can be extremely difficult to reverse and correct. It is never too late to seek legal advice. We recommend you speak to an immigration attorney as soon as possible in any case.


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Highlands County Jail Bail Bonds.After the bail amount is set and the paperwork is completed, our bonding agent will post the bond with the Immigration deportation officer in charge of your loved one's INS case. Then the formal release process begins and can take several hours to be completed.

This wait is unavoidable. However, most INS detentions facilities will release the defendant alien even after business hours.



Immigration Bonds


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Immigration bonds are like a specialized loan that guarantee's the performance and the appearance of the alien. As such we are required to have collateral guaranteeing the loan. We accept many different kinds of collateral. The most common kind is real estate, like a home  or land. In some cases, we can accept a portion of the bond in cash or by major credit card.





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Immigration and naturalization government links below.

These links provide information on the services provided by USCIS to applicants, petitioners, authorized representatives, community-based organizations, and people of the general public.

Included among the immigration benefits the USCIS oversees are: citizenship, lawful permanent residency, family and/or employment-related immigration, employment authorization, inter-country adoptions, asylum and refugee status, replacement immigration documents, and foreign student authorization.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigrations Services links below.

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